Emilia Obrzut | Brand & Interactive Design

Emilia Obrzut

As a long-term designer and accidental enterpreneur, I am capable of creating and developing comprehensive brand and visual identities. Before starting my own projects, I worked as a lecturer of interface design and my main goal is always creating responsive, usable and sustainable ways of communicating the brand’s principles.

I truly love my job and do my best to spread the love 🙂 I work eagerly in areas dear to my heart and close to my beliefs: culture, ecology and sustainable technology. I am available for freelance, preferably long-term projects – feel free to drop me a line.

Current projects:

Patyna / founder
first and biggest marketplace with vintage decor on Polish market

Simple As That / founder
Zero-waste line of natural, vegan, 5-ingredient cleaning supplies

SURPLUS / strategic & technologic advisor
fashion brand on the verge of art and activism, founded by Magda Buczek

Awards and recognition:

Women in Polish Design 2018 by Label Magazine  – featured
Polish Photobook of the Year 2014  – won for „Justina&co.uk”
KTR 2016 / Design – nominated for TVP Kultura
DesignAlive Awards 2016 – nominated in Stategy
Best Polish Photobooks of 2016 by Culture.pl – featured for „Random Selection”
The Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Symbols – Wysoki Połysk and haveabite.in
One of the chosen ones Bolesław Chromry apparently hates